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Research shows that over 80% of the costs of running a building throughout its lifecycle are during operations compared to 20% that’s spent during design and construction.

Small improvements on that 80% can result in considerable savings. YouBIM’s contribution is through increased efficiencies and data management.

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YouBIM is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) cloud-based solution.

It extends the value of BIM through to Facilities Management, by integrating information and making it instantly available in the form of data-rich online Models.

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YouBIM. Simple.

BIM can provide a valuable contextual view of FM data, but if its going to be used in FM, then it needs to be much easier to use.

Even if you can count on good BIM models, documents and data from construction handover, Facility Managers and technicians are not BIM experts and need a different BIM solution. YouBIM provides the answer.

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YouBIM 2D & 3D Interface

YouBIM provides FM people with 2D and 3D access to the BIM through a very easy to use interface that can be picked up by anyone without the need for specialist BIM training.

Building information can be found through various drill down search functions. or simply by clicking on objects in either 2D or 3D.

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YouBIM Highlights

Location Based Asset Management

YouBIM provides a detailed overview of all building assets. Unique asset codes can be added to all bulding objects so they can be managed efficiently by the FM team.

Intuitive 3D and 2D information access

YouBIM is the Google Maps of BIM and features a user interface that anyone can use with the minimum of training. Access to information and documentation is a simple matter of point and click.

Work Order Management

Raise work orders from within YouBIM or on mobile devices in the field. An overview of work order status will appear in a front page widget and their locations are shown on a 2D view where users can jump to 3D, or drill down further to more information.

Immediate Document Access

Access to associated documentation is available from all the YouBIM 2D, 3D and asset detail views. With YouBIM you will have the right information in the right place at the right time.

Sophisticated BMS Integration

YouBIM provides seamless integration with many BMS applications. Alarms and their status will appear in a front page widget and be shown in the 2D and 3D views so they can be reviewed in context with their surroundings. Automated work orders can be raised upon alarm events and sent by email and text to your operatives.

Mobility and Remote Access

YouBIM can be accessed from a desk top workstation or through a tablet / smart phone App. Key information is available at the workface, during meetings & discussions or simply through remote access monitoring.

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